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I offer coaching throughout the U.S. and Internationally. Coaching issues can revolve around career, relationships, health, family life, more effectively reaching your goals, living more authentically and cultivating more meaning in your life...and any area where you feel a bit stuck in your life.

You may find yourself just missing attaining your goals and you may be ready to change a frustrating
pattern. Living authentically can relate to your career choices (including work/life balance), relationship satisfaction and related issues, the harmony of your family life and/or how you spend your precious discretionary time. Authenticity connects to these questions:

Are you being true to yourself?
Are you living the fullest expression of yourself?
Are your relationships and work life harmonious and satisfying?

Since I offer both therapy and coaching services, some clients ask, 'What is the difference between the two services'?

Coaching focuses on solving the client's current problem, without a lot of attention given to early childhood wounding. Therapy often involves a long exploration of early childhood to help the client understand and heal these sometimes very deep wounds. At times these wounds stand in the way of moving one's life forward in the direction desired.

With focus on the present situation, I help you clearly identify and understand the problem and determine what's standing in the way of progress. Together, action steps are mutually agreed upon with the coach providing ideas, encouragement, assistance with problem solving, and accountability. In this way, coaching is more action oriented than therapy. Usually we work by phone, but local office appointments are an option.

There is no mental diagnosis in coaching. Rather, in coaching, it is understood that life presents us with many challenges and difficulties and often we just need support, understanding, motivation, brainstorming and encouragement to find our unique path.

Why Choose Elaine as your Coach?

My business experience in large and small companies, switching careers, leading workshops, managing a family, teaching, deep personal exploration, struggles and growth all inform my coaching practice. My training as a therapist and years of experience have been invaluable for coaching. Most importantly, my clients experience meaningful, positive changes.

You've begun the first step on an exciting journey to change your life. I invite you to call for a free 15 minute consultation. This is a great time to ask any questions and be sure to ask me about rates and special pricing if you purchase a coaching package. I look forward to collaborating. It's quite amazing what can happen when clients receive the professional support they need at critical times in their lives.
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